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Which Hero Police Dog Team Should Win?

Find out who won this contest here---Contest Winners

A special note of thanks to Channel 31 Good Day Sacramento for the coverage of this community event! Your passion and enthusiasm is great!

Vote for your favorite TOP K-9 POLICE DOG in the Sacramento Top Dog Contest

Who are the K9 police dogs in the Sacramento area that are protecting you day and night? Have you ever met any of them? Are you curious about who they are?

If you're a dog lover, you may have always wanted to have a dog that was as smart as a police dog. You may have wanted to see how the dogs train and wondered what the dogs eat to stay fit. It would be fun to discover what the dogs get for treats and how the handlers know that the dogs have found drugs or a criminal hiding underneath a heavy object.

Did you know that K-9 police dogs can distinguish criminals from innocent civilians by their scent? The scent of a guilty criminal is different from someone who is innocent.

Because these hero dogs and their handlers are truly spectacular in many ways, it's time for you to meet some of them. It's time for you to place your important vote in the contest for who the TOP HERO DOG really is.

Not Only Will The Top Dog Get a Prize, But You Might, Too!

Just by voting, you become eligible to win some really cool prizes:

  • a crime scene chalk body towel that will awe everyone at the beach
  • a special yellow fire hydrant cookie jar
  • Peticure pet toenail tool that files your pet's nails without harm
  • a gift certificate for Petco that can be used for your own pets
  • a special type of bandage that will stop bleeding, great for emergencies
  • and even a one night stay in a fancy hotel

Want to Win? You Can ... Just By Entering!

In fact, everyone really is a winner if they vote.

That's because just by voting, you will will receive three special gifts:

  1. A special collection of articles about important dogs and cats in a downloadable pdf format. These articles appeared over the last few years in Health & Fitness Magazine, one of our sponsors.

  2. An email newsletter with heartwarming dog and police dog stories to brighten your day from time to time

  3. An email 'course' from MDM, Inc. that teaches you how to be a hero at identifying faces of the area's criminals. This is a 6-day e-course on identifying Sacramento Bad Girls and Bad Boys.
    With your new skills, it's possible you may one day win a Crime Stopper's reward just for being observant and identifying a criminal!
    Good deeds always pay off!

Have you voted previously before the extra gifts were offered? If so, click SacTopDogContest and you can vote again and still receive the gifts.

How to Vote for Your Favorite Top K-9 Dog Team

Voting is a simple process and it does not cost a penny.

  1. Click the link, "Meet the contestants".
  2. Read the stories the handlers tell about their top dogs.
  3. Watch their videos.
  4. Vote for the police dog team you believe should win the title.
  5. Post a comment on our Top Dog Contest blog about what you love about the contestants

To vote, you will be asked to enter your contact information. How else will we contact you if you win?

And remember, YOUR vote matters!

Meet the K-9 dog contestants.

Vote for the one who should win the title.

Your Donation Could Benefit You as Well as the K-9 Dog Teams

And if you're as impressed with these hero teams as we were, make a donation to the contest. Every little bit helps!

There are some donation options and we would love to see you benefit from the donation as well. Here are some ideas:

Sign up for the Three Faces a Day email program for $15/month for 2 months. This is a program that helps you learn how to use top-rate identification skills to remember the area's missing persons and wanted individuals. It goes into much more depth than the e-course you get for free. The program starts up shortly after the contest announces the winner. This gives you time to get the basics of identification down from the free Sacramento Bad Girls/Bad Boys Identification Program.

This donation option is another way to keep your family safe and also help your community. A percentage of the proceeds from this program go directly to benefit the K-9 teams. It is nonrefundable and goes for only two months.

Take a vacation at the Coffee Creek Ranch, a first rate dude ranch in northern California. Relieve your stress by breathing in that fresh, country air and take part in outdoor activities such as horseback riding, trail hiking, fishing, home-cooked meals on the range and a lot more. Coffee Creek Ranch is donating part of the proceeds back to benefit the K-9 teams and this contest.

Read about other cool donation options Options 3 through 5.

Donations go towards gifts for all these top dogs, extra gifts for the winner, and funds for hopefully adding an extra K-9 dog to the department of the winner in the Sac Top Dog Contest. Go now to Donation Options

Meet the contestants.

tell your friends... and enjoy the stories & videos!

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