Name of Handler: Brian Amos

Dog: Jesse

  • Branch of Law Enforcement: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Special Operations Division, K9
  • Age of dog: 5 years old.
  • How long have you been working with your dog? almost 3 years.
  • Type of police work dog does: Certified in Patrol and narcotics tracking, criminal apprehension, article searches.
  • Where did you get him? Imported from Holland via Vohn Liche Kennels in Indiana. Commands in English and Dutch.
  • Has your dog won any awards?
    - 1st SSD patrol canine to certify to CNCA stringent standards for narcotics
  • Your dog's favorite people food: No people food. (Bad Gas).

Criminals Cringe When Jesse is Around

On Jesse's 1st shift as a real police dog, we were dispatched to a call stating that a vehicle had been broken into. When an officer arrived on scene, the suspect ran into the neighborhood and hid. I commanded Jesse to search and he found the suspect hiding under a U-haul truck. Good Boy! Jesse barked at him intently reminding the suspect not to do anything foolish.

Jesse is a Multi-Tasking K-9 Deputy Dog

Jesse has had many notable apprehensions since then of fleeing felons, car thieves, and burglars. In addition to the patrol work, Jesse recently certified as a drug sniffing K-9.

Jesse Will Sniff Out Any Stash!

Jesse's 1st drug find was a stash of marijuana hidden under a garbage can at a local high school. The stash would have certainly gone unnoticed if Jesse hadn't been there to find it. It was also the 1st drug find of a new program developed in a local school district inviting drug sniffing k9's on campus in an effort to prevent drugs from coming into our schools.

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