Officer Brian and K-9 Officer Seico    


Note: Brian and Seico have retired from the department since entering the contest; however, we are still honoring the team in this Sacramento Top K-9 Police Dog Contest.

Name of Handler: Brian Bates

Dog: Seico, Male

How Officer Brian Got His K-9 Police Dog Seico

Officer Brian Bates began his career with the Vallejo Police Department in September of 1999. Bates was attracted to Vallejo because of its Police Canine Program. Prior to the Vallejo Police Department he served several years on the Berkeley Police Department, where he worked on the Crime Suppression Unit, SWAT team, Traffic Division, was a Field Training Officer, and Patrol Division. But Berkeley didn't offer a K-9 program. Bates finally got his chance in 2003 and began working with Seico, a German Shepherd from eastern Germany.

The pair trained for two months at Yolo Canine Academy in Woodland, during which Bates learned the basics of being a K-9 handler. Seico learned how to track suspects, search for them inside and outside buildings, and agility. In addition, Seico learned obedience. Because dogs often try to assert authority as the leader of a pack, Seico sought to dominate Bates, but quickly learned who the boss was.

Seico resides with Officer Bates 24 hours a day, "It's an ongoing job, like having a kid with you. He amazes me everyday, though."

In his free time, Seico enjoys playing ball, going for walks, snoozing, and keeping an eye on the indoor feline that resides at his house.

Seico has been very healthy. During his career Seico did injure his paw on two separate occasions where he had to have stitches. Seico takes his vitamins daily including glucosamine to keep his bones/hips healthy.

Being a K-9 officer carries a lot of weight in Vallejo, where the late Officer Jeff Azuar was well recognized throughout the community for his work with partners Rondo and A.J. Azuar was shot and killed in April 2000, by a suspect who was trying to flee arrest.

Bates worried that blending the dog into his personal life might be as challenging as on-the-job training. At first, his wife of 9-1/2 years was unsure about having a police dog hanging out at home. But shortly after introducing the pair, they became best friends.

Having Seico barking in the back of his patrol cruiser sets Bates apart from the other Patrol Officers without K-9's. The bad element of the community knows when Seico is in the area and OFTEN gives up right away fearing Seico will get out of his Police cruiser.

Officer Bates and Seico are proud to be part of the Vallejo Police Department K-9 Team and look forward to serving the Citizens of Vallejo for many years to come.

Note: Officer Bates and K-9 Officer Seico retired recently from the force. We can still honor them for all their efforts in the past with the Sacramento Top Dog Contest.

Seico Scares Criminals

Here are a few of Seico's stories.

Seico has subdued and located numerous suspects on Bates' command. Seico is trained to detect the scent humans leave when fearful or fleeing. Officer Bates has also had the privilege of attending K-9 Trials in the Sacramento area, and when called upon has done demonstrations in the Elementary Schools in Vallejo.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...
Who's the Fairest One of All? Seico!

Officer Bates spoke of two other occasions that were very enlightening. On Seico's very first deployment he was called upon to search a house where a suspect was hiding.

A team of Officers was put together with Seico being the lead. All eyes were watching him. Seico had run into the house and quickly disappeared down the hallway. Officer Bates called Seico back, who returned a few seconds later.

Officer Bates directed Seico to search the family room, living room, and kitchen areas. Seico did as he was told but again disappeared down the hallway. The team made entry into the house and physically cleared the immediate areas. In doing so the Officer's looked down the hallway to see Seico standing in the master bedroom facing what they thought was a wall.

As the team entered the master bedroom, the wall was not a wall, it was a large sliding closet door made of mirror. Seico was standing there proud giving his best flex of muscles possible as the team began laughing at him.

Officer Bates stated he was somewhat embarrassed but remembered what his K-9 Trainer always said, "Trust your dog." Officer Bates whispered to his team, "The Suspect is in the closet."

Sure enough, they slid the door open and low and behold, the Suspect was found hiding under a bunch of clothes.

Officer Bates said that Seico walked out of the house with a look on his face of, "We showed them didn't we? Who's laughing now?"

Courtroom Antics

On another occasion Officer Bates and Seico chased a Suspect who was wanted on felony battery. Seico located the Suspect with Officer Bates and the fight was on. After a couple of minutes the Suspect gave up and was taken into custody. During the struggle the Suspect continued to yell at Seico yelling, "Nine, Nine," the German verbal command for, "no."

A week later Officer Bates was called upon to attend a preliminary hearing for the Suspect. During the questioning by the defense, they asked, "Did my client say anything while your dog was biting him?"

Officer Bates stated that he did not recall. The defense asked, "Did my client say nine, nine, as you were fighting him?"

Officer Bates responded, "Yes, he did." The defense asked, "What does nine mean?"

Officer Bates not wanting to tell the Court what language Seico was trained in for safety reasons stated, "Well, it is a number that follows eight and comes before ten."

The Judge becoming frustrated and asked Officer Bates, "What language does your dog speak?"

Officer Bates responded politely back to the Judge, "Your Honor, in all due respect, the last time I checked, it was 'bark'."

The Judge smiled and stated, "No further questions, continue."

Seico was reconized by the courts for a case involving a suspect who was wanted for car jacking. During this incident the suspect was located and arrested. Because of Seico's great work this case made case law.

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Seico and Brian Bates.

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