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Deputy Ian Carver and Deputy K-9 Ike    

Name of Handler: Ian Carver

Dog: Ike; Male Czech Shepherd - black and tan

  • Branch of Law Enforcement: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.
  • Age of dog: 4 years old.
  • How long have you been working with your dog? 2 years
  • Type of police work dog does: Searching, tracking.
  • Where did you get him? Von Liche Kennels, originally fram Czech Republic.
  • Has your dog won any awards?
    No. With Ike being new this year, it was more important to expose him to real police work than training demonstrations.
  • Your dog's favorite people food: Ike has a very touchy stomach and anything besides his prescribed diet tends to throw it off. That being said, I do occasionally sneak him some of my trail mix while I snack at work and every so often he'll get a little nibble of steak trimmings at home. But it is all in moderation so as not to upset his system. Now my Rhodesian Ridgeback on the other hand will eat anything in any amount

All About Deputy K-9 Ike

Ike was purchased by the County of Sacramento through a K9 vendor in Indiana- Von Liche Kennels. He was selected by the Von Liche kennel master from a breeder in the Czech Republic. Our SSD trainers, Rick Kemp and Sgt. Mike Butler, travel to various kennels and conduct intensive tests on prospective canines before making a final selection.

Sacramento County technically owns our canines, but we take care of them and maintain them through their working career. Upon retirement, the county will sell a handler the dog for $1, at which time he becomes our pet.

Deputy Ian's Philosophy on Dog Trials

I am sure Ike can, and will, medal in the occasional trial event in the upcoming year; however, I do not place a strong emphasis on trials. I believe the real world is the best trial for the dogs and handlers. Although I enjoy the occasional K9 Trial event, I am not a major participant. I have seen many dogs that are excellent in trials and either has very little street experience, few apprehensions, or are not as strong on the streets as they are in competition. I personally, would rather have it the other way around. It's just a matter of personal preference.

That being said, in our department we have had several handlers with very successful trial dogs and phenomenal street dogs as well. Rick Kemp and K9 Clint and Steve LeCouve and K9 Dantes had a banner year in the trials this year, winning the WSPCA overall team trophy for 2006. They are also very strong teams on the street.

I had participated in a couple trials with Stazzo and was pleasantly surprised to see him do quite well in his events. We even took second place overall in the Search competition at the 2005 Lodi K9 Trials.

Ike is a Fool for the Water!

Ike is absolutely ball/toy crazy. If you give him a toy of some sort he is in heaven. That is good for a Law Enforcement canine. We want a dog like that, who will search endlessly and tirelessly for his toy if it is hidden somewhere. That translates to his desire to search in the real world.

Ike also is a fool for a stream of water. If you turn a hose on with Ike anywhere in the immediate vicinity, be prepared to have a very wet dog trying to eat and chase the stream of water. Same goes for sprinklers, bath toys, you name it. If water comes out of it, Ike wants it.

Ike gets the best of both worlds when we take him to the river. Ike will swim for his floaty ball for hours on end and will not give up on you until you throw it out into the river again. It almost becomes annoying, but he loves it.

As hard working and intense as Ike is at work, at home he is laid back and very easygoing. Ike does not seem like a working dog when he is at home and is great around the family at all times.

Ike's Views on Exercise and Fitness

Ike, just as Stazzo was, is my occasional training partner in my Crossfit workouts. On the days where I need to do certain types of runs interspersed with other exercises, I will take Ike with me on the rolling trails behind our home and run up to 10k with him. Ike hangs in there just fine and runs with me the whole way. While I do pull ups, push ups, squats, or something else, Ike takes a few minutes of rest before we hit it again. Ike enjoys it immensely as he is outside, off lead, getting to run around and sniff things and be a dog to his heart's content. Little does he know he's getting some fitness out of it!

At work, I make it a point to exercise Ike every day. On days where we have numerous small or a few very long searches, it is not such a necessity. However, on slower days, I make sure Ike gets out of the car a few times and gets to play ball for about 30 minutes or so. I build obedience drills into his ball play also. Unbeknownst to him, this keeps his skills up, yet allows him to enjoy what we are doing, and keeps the stress level down while in a learning environment.

On most of his days off, Ike gets to relax at home with the family. Ike gets to workout with me sometimes or we take him to the park around the corner from our home with our other dog, Max, and play some ball with them. Ike and Max wrestle with each other endlessly when they are with each other at home. Some days I watch them and realize Ike doesn't need any other exercise for the day.

Ike Recovered from His Injury Quickly

So far, Ike has been relatively injury-free. Ike did strain something in his neck a few months ago, but he took a bit of time off from any bite work and with good veterinary care, he was back on the road within three weeks. Ike is young and resilient right now. I make it a point not to invite injury though, therefore I shy away from putting him in places where that may occur. If I can avoid it, I do not like to put dogs over tall fences or objects as it is too hard on their joints and body. Small walls of about four feet are not an issue, but larger fences are. I would rather go through or around them to spare the dog some pain and possible injury.

As long as Ike remains injury free and driven to work every day, I am sure we will be a very successful K9 team up until he retires.

To make a donation for the K-9 team of Ike and Ian Carver email us directly or make a donation easily through PayPal here

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