Deputy K-9 Clint and Deputy Rick Kemp

Rick and Clint Rick Kemp and k-9 Clint

Name of Handler: Rick Kemp

Clint, male Belgian Malinois

  • Branch of Law Enforcement/City: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department
  • Age of dog: 3 years old
  • How long have you been working with your dog? Clint is my fourth patrol K9. I have been working with him since November 2005.
  • Type of police work dog does: Clint is a patrol K-9. He is cross- trained in narcotic detection, article detection and tracking.
  • Where did you get him? Clint was imported from Holland. He was purchased from an importer in Indiana.
  • Has your dog won any awards?
    Clint has demonstrated that he is quite the competitor. All our handlers are members of the Western States Police Canine Association. We compete in police K-9 competitions. The trial season which ended in November 2007 was very successful for Clint. Clint won many trophies throughout the year. At the year end banquet, Clint finished sixth overall in the Western States. We also won the Chief's Trophy teamed up with another K9 team from the detail.
  • Your dog's favorite people food: Meat; any kind of meat.

All About K-9 Deputy Clint

Clint is a unique little dog. He is the smallest K-9 on the detail, weighing in at a whooping 56.8 pounds. Yes I have to put the 0.8 lbs. in there so people will not think he is too small for police work. What Clint lacks in physical size he certainly makes up for in heart. Clint is an overly energetic dog that runs his life at 100 MPH. Everything he does is done at full speed. Luckily for me it is a controlled full speed.

I have worked and trained many K-9¶£39;s in my career, but Clint is a stand out. I look forward to seeing what great achievements he will have in his career.

Hurt or Healed?

I am lucky that Clint has not been "really" injured. There was one situation that came up in training which I found humorous. It was during a time that I was teaching Clint how to track. This type of teaching is done with positive motivation and attraction of another officer who is the track layer.

Clint, being his hyper little self, was barking and carrying on while waiting to start the track. He was literally doing back flips. The track was laid on grass within a park. It was straight about 100 paces long. Nothing too difficult.

Clint took off on the track like a bullet fired out of a canyon. He quickly, too quickly mind you, reached the end of the track and located his toy. While Clint was enjoying chewing on his toy, I noticed he was not putting weight on his right front leg. I called Clint to me. I moved his leg and shoulder around looking for signs of soreness. He showed none, but he still refused to walk on his right leg.

I replayed the track in my mind to see if I recalled him stumbling or yelping. I did not recall anything unusual. Nevertheless, being a concerned handler, I called the vet and explained what I was seeing in Clint and told them I was heading in for an appointment. The vet was waiting my arrival. The vet opened my car door to get Clint out of the car. Clint flew from the car and began spinning donuts in the parking lot. On all four legs, mind you.

k-9 Clint resting

The vet asked me, "What leg did he hurt now". I told her it was his right front leg. Clint was running around as if nothing ever happened. The vet and I could not get Clint to show any soreness or limp on that leg. It was as if just driving into the vet's parking lot cured him. He has never been back to the vet with the exception of regular check ups. Darn crazy dogs.

K9 Association

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department has 24 K9's working throughout the department. All the K-9's work hard at their jobs keeping the public safe. Please take time to look at the Sacramento Sheriff's K9 Association web site The site has photos of all of the patrol K-9's, videos of the K9's in training and many interesting stories.

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