Why support the Sacramento Top Dog Contest with a Donation?

Sacramento region's top K-9 dogs are local heroes and they have needs just like you and me. For example, one K-9 handler has requested a heat sensor system for his police car. This sensor would automatically turn on the air conditioning when the temperature gets to a certain temperature, such as 75 degrees, inside the car.

K-9 police dog handlers must continually upgrade their skills. Money collected for donations and gifts also may go toward training materials, books, and videos to upgrade their skills and keep both the dogs and the handlers safe.

We would love the opportunity to give items like a heat sensor system and training materials they need. We can do it with your help! Call MDM, Inc. directly at 916-649-8323 or email us and we will contact you.

Check Out These Unique Donation Options

Make a Cash Donation

Make a money donation to an individual K-9 dog and handler team. You can do this best by contacting Sac Top Dog Contest Founder and MDM, Inc. President, Dr. Donna Schwontkowski (ret.) at 916-649-8323 or Email for more info or by making a donation directly by a PayPal payment. Click below for the PayPal method.

Three Faces a Day Email Program

Sign up for the Three Faces a Day email program for $15/month for 2 months. This is a program that helps you learn how to use top-rate identification skills to remember the area's missing persons and wanted individuals (Sacramento Bad Boys and Sacramento Bad Girls). It goes into much more depth than the e-course you get for free.

This donation option is another way to keep your family safe and also help your community. A percentage of the proceeds from this program go directly to benefit the K-9 teams.

Take A Vacation!

Take a vacation at the Coffee Creek Ranch, a first rate dude ranch in northern California. Relieve your stress by breathing in that fresh, country air and take part in outdoor activities such as horseback riding, trail hiking, fishing, home-cooked meals on the range and a lot more. Coffee Creek Ranch is donating part of the proceeds back to benefit the K-9 teams and this contest.

For us to get this credit, you must do two simple things:
1. sign up for more information about the Coffee Creek Ranch with us through email. We will ask for your name, email address, city/state and phone number. The phone number is for tracking the leads only. By signing up below, you are not committing to anything!

2. If you call Coffee Creek Ranch directly, mention that you were referred by the Sacramento Top Dog Contest. That's all.

Brand New Ebook: Finding Miss Tilly and the Golden Thread

Miss Tilly book

You may find this downloadable book hard to stop reading, just like dozens of others!

Finding Miss Tilly and the Golden Thread is FREE! Just for coming to the donations page, you will get your copy! It is our way of saying thanks!

This true account will keep you fascinated about how the lives of pets and their pet owner is intertwined for a reason!

By reading this book, you'll discover a lot of things you have never known about pets. For example, on Ginger's front leg, a tumor mysteriously sprouted up and soon became the size of a small orange. How did her owner get rid of the tumor without veterinary care?

Gracie was hit by a car and taken to get help for a broken leg. Meanwhile, the puppies she had been nursing wandered off, or were stolen. Gracie grieved deeply for her puppies until she met Miss Tilly who was full of life, love, and passion. Both Gracie and Miss Tilly's lives were at their pinnacle as they became local celebrities.

By reading Finding Miss Tilly and the Golden Thread, you will learn:

Reading the book, Finding Miss Tilly and the Golden Thread, will allow you to see life from a brand new perspective! And you will also be contributing to helping find Miss Tilly!

Sign up here to download book

Improve Your Memory

Another unique way to donate is by improving your ability to recognize faces and remember names by reading the MDM, Inc. book, Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces. Part of the proceeds of this book are donated back to the Sac Top Dog Contest as a fundraiser.

This option is perfect for those who are interested in using cutting-edge techniques to remember names and faces for their job and/or to get ahead socially. Students who used the techniques improved their grades with less studying. In pilot studies, volunteers trained in the memory method improved their identification skills greater than 80% with one hour of training.
Click here to read more Million Dollar Memory or order easily through PayPal here

Quik Clot (TM)

Quik Clot (TM) is a product created by Z-Medica. They have a product line that is created to stop bleeding quickly before you get to the emergency room. It is a handy and reliable survival product that many people choose to have in their first aid kit before venturing out hiking, backpacking, camping, driving long distances, and even to the gym in their sports bag.

Soldiers cannot afford to be without it. Quik Clot(R) has already saved the lives of more than 150 soldiers in Afghanistan.

If you wish to purchase some of the Quik Clot(R) products for yourself and family members and donate a package or two to the K9 teams, they would be most grateful. By doing so, you will be potentially saving a life and that is very admirable.

Right now we ask that you sign up on our list to be contacted after the contest winners are announced. The reason for this is that we are trying to get you a discount which depends on the total count ordered. Also, some of these products are not available to consumers. By placing your order through www.SacTopDogContest.com, we can donate these products to K-9 dog teams in the area. We feel that the saddest thing is when a police dog is knifed or shot by a criminal and dies because of loss of blood. We also feel it is important to help prevent the loss of a life, yours or others, just by having Quik Clot available in times of need.

To be contacted about Quik Clot (R), sign up here:

What Happens When You Donate?

A portion of the proceeds go towards gifts for all these top dogs, extra gifts for the winner, and funds for hopefully adding an extra K-9 dog to the department of the Sac Top Dog Contest winner.

If you prefer to send your donation to us directly by check, please mail it to:

MDM, Inc.
P.O. Box 307
Carmichael, CA 95609

Contest ends soon so send your donation today!

Contact Dr. Donna directly about your donation at 916-649-8323 or email her at DrDonna@SacTopDogContest.comor make a donation through PayPal now here.