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Lou and Eddy

Name of Handler: Lou Wright

Dog: Eddy, Male, German Shepherd

  • Branch of Law Enforcemen/City: City of Folsom Police Department.
  • Age of dog: 7 years old.
  • How long have you been working with your dog? 18 months.
  • Type of police work dog does: Searching, Tracking.
  • Where did you get him? I obtained Eddy from Sgt. Brown when he promoted. I completed an oral interview and was the Canine Units Decoy for 9 months prior to the position becoming available.
  • Has your dog won any awards?
    Eddy holds titles from the Czech Republic where he was born and worked as a Police Service Dog for 2 years prior to being purchased by the Folsom Police Department.

    -Eddy also won the 1st place Novice award at the Oakland Police Department Canine Trial after being brought to the U.S. and assigned to Sgt. Brown.

    -Eddy has also taken a 5th place award for obedience.
  • Your dog's favorite people food: Eddy loves steak.

All About Eddy

Eddy is a very intelligent dog and is very good at opening doors or gates while he's working. While off duty, Eddy loves to play with his good friend Gracie, my 3-year-old black Labrador and Nicholas my 4-year- old neighbor.

Eddy is the Mr. Fit of K-9 Dogs

Eddy is a very active dog and as with humans, staying in shape is crucial to his health and well-being while at work. Eddy runs with me three to four days a week, 1 to 3 miles at a time. Eddy eats a very healthy diet of high protein dog food along with healthy dog biscuits and lots of water. Fortunately Eddy has never suffered any injuries. At his last vet visit, he was given a clean bill of health and is expected to be an active Police Service Dog for many more years to come.

Eddy is a Healer at Heart

Every 2 to 3 months, K-9 Officer Eddy visits the UC Davis Children's Hospital. At the hospital, many of the children can't go outside to play, so the Folsom Police Department started bringing their K-9 hero dogs in to play with the sick children and brighten their day. Eddy was one of the first K-9 dogs to visit the children, and he was soon followed by other K-9 dogs on the Folsom Police Department detail. Word spread to the other K-9 police departments and now others do the same thing.

At the UC Davis Children's Hospital, K-9 Officer Eddy is favored over other K-9 dogs by the nursing staff. That's because Eddy is well-mannered and gentle. Officer Lou and K-9 Officer Eddy walk from hospital room to hospital room. They stay in the room as long as the children want to keep petting Eddy. K-9 Eddy also brings the children gifts of baseball cards and stuffed German Shepherd dogs with a signature Folsom Police Department collar. Whoever Eddy visits, he always shows lots of personal attention, love and a great attitude.

Don't Try to Play Hide and Seek with Eddy!

A little while ago, we got an anonymous call about someone who was stealing catalytic converters underneath cars in a neighborhood. We got to the scene pretty quickly and the suspect ran about a quarter mile from the scene of the crime to the back yard of a house.

We set up the perimeter to try to contain the suspect. Eddy led me right to him; he was hiding underneath a boat cover! I never would have seen the suspect there. Eddy was barking and alerting me that the suspect was hiding. I then gave the suspect verbal commands to give himself up and he came out. It was another great WIN for Eddy.

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