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Deputy Todd Henry and Deputy K-9 Rex    

Name of Handler: Todd Henry

Dog: Rex, Male, German Shepherd

All About Rex

Likes to carry a log around that weighs about as much as he does. He can only hold it for about 5 minutes then drops it on his feet. I think he is building up his pain tolerance to become the first dog in the UFC. We have been working on a cool nickname for him, maybe Rex "Snaggle Tooth" Henry.

Rex used to be a smoker, you know, coming from Europe and all. But he was having trouble staying up with me during my CrossFit routines, so he quit cold turkey. I know quitting smoking is not that big of a deal anymore, but I was impressed that he could lite smokes without an opposable thumb.

Rex's Stories

One time we were in this crazy knife fight with 4 gang members. Well I gassed pretty early and was pinned down. Rex was able to fight them off long enough to let me run back to the car. He took a knife wound to the side but worked the rest of the shift. No I'm only kidding, he is a dog like a super athlete. I'm not even sure the Rextor can get hurt.

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